This feature is not available on all plans - contact support for more information on upgrading your plan for this feature.

To access your Coassemble LMS analytics, click on the Reports button on the navigation pane.

The Reports section provides granular statistical information on almost every aspect of your LMS. Once you've clicked the reports button, the Reports Menu will show you a full list of the available reports.

Let's take a look at what data each of these reports generates:

Course Reports

The Course Reports allows you to see a breakdown of course-specific statistics. You can click on a specific course to drill into statistics for individual modules.

Find out more about the Course Report.

Group Reports

The Group Report lets you see a series of quick statistics about your user groups before drilling down into individual groups and providing the same stats for each of them.

You can click on an individual group name to see what users are enrolled in that group, and specific statistics for each Course that group is taking.

Find out more about the Group Report.

Learner Reports

The Participant Reports screen shows you all of your users, and provides information on what Courses they've enrolled in, their progress, and their grades. Click on an individual user to receive granular information on each module they've completed within Coassemble.

Find out more about the Learner Report.

Lesson Reports

This report lists all of your Lessons in a table, and tells you which Course and Department each Lesson is part of. Click on an individual Lesson name to see an overview of that Lesson, as well as the average time spent on each tile within it. This is great for seeing what tiles users are getting stuck or spending too much time on. You can search for specific Lessons at the top of screen, or limit to certain Courses or Departments.

Find out more about the Lesson Report.

Quiz Reports

Quiz Reports operates in much the same way as Lesson Reports, except that it shows how many groups and participants are eligible to take that Quiz, how many users have completed each Quiz, and the average grade and time spent for each Quiz.

Find out more about the Quiz Report.

Assignment Reports

The Assignment Report operates in the same way as the Lesson Report, except that you can see which users have completed individual Assignments when you click on the Assignment names.

Find out more about the Assignment Report.

Usage Report

The Usage Report gives an overview of the participation of learners and resource creation by trainers over the last month.

Find out more about the Usage Report

User Activity Report

This report allows you to drill down further into your user activity - the report will show which of your users are active, inactive, and have never logged in.

Some Coassemble plans have an allowance of active users per month, therefore, this is a handy report to know how many current active users you have per month.

Find out more about the User Activity Report

Results Report

We created the Results report to save you time drilling down into the course, group, and learner reports. Get detailed analytics on your learners' progress and results within any date period using the results report

Find out more about the Results Report

The Share Link Usage Report provides analytics on resources shared via URL Share Links.

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