Setting Up Your Workspace

Learn how to customize and configure your workspace to suit your organization's needs.

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Creating courses

This section will explore how courses are structured, the available screen options, and how to get the best out of Coassembles' course creation tools.

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Configuring courses

Learn how to configure and manage your courses

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Issuing certificates

Learn how to issue and customize certificates for your learners.

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Sharing courses & Enrolling learners

Learn the various ways you can share courses and enroll learners into courses.

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Users: Trainers & Learners

Learn how to manage trainers and learners in your workspace

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Reports & Analyzing Results

Measuring your learners’ performance and grading assignments.

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Integrations, API, & SSO

Learn how to integrate third-party platforms with your Coassemble workspace.

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Privacy & Security

Find Coassembles’ Privacy policy, TOC, and security & general technical information.

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FAQs & Tips

FAQs and Tips from the Coassemble customer success team to get you up and running fast!

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Plans & Billing

Info on plans or pricing works or what add-ons we offer to grow your team. This section covers what you’ll need to know about your subscription.

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Contacting Coassemble

Don’t see what you were looking for? You might find it here!

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Coassemble Community

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