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We created the Results report to save you time drilling down into the course, group, and learner reports. These reports are great for getting a snapshot on courses, groups, or learners, but the results report gives you the ability to easily view and export all of the data associated with your learners' progress in any given date range. 

To find the results report, navigate to reports in the navigation tab. The reports menu will appear to the side, click "Results Report".

We realise that the primary concern for a trainer is to make sure learners complete courses on time and are competent. In light of this, we've created a number of filtering options to help you achieve this. 

Filtering Options

Date Range

You can select a date range to make sure the data you are viewing is always relevant. We have a number of pre-configured options including:

Choose the 'Custom date range' option if you'd like to get a more specific date range.

Learner status

Use the status filter to filter results depending on whether your learners have completed, passed, or are not yet competent on a course within a particular date range.

Once you've filtered your data you'll get a list of all the courses, learners, groups, and modules associated with progress data within the date range selected. Importantly, you can see a breakdown of scores, dates, times and competency.

Exporting the Report

After you're happy that you've filtered the the right dataset, you can now export that data into a CSV format. Click the 'Export as CSV' button and the data will be exported and downloaded to a file on your desktop. 

Once you've downloaded your export you can open it in Microsoft excel, Apple numbers, google sheets, or any other program that supports csv. Here's the CSV opened in Apple Numbers.

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