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Understanding Reporting and Analytics
Understanding Reporting and Analytics

Learn what data points are being tracked and how to make the most out of them

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Understanding the data and analytics related to your learning content is important from day one, to help you make informed decisions related to your course design and structure and be easily able to track your learners' progress.

What data is currently being tracked?

Your learners' progress is tracked at all points, including the time they spend on each individual screen, the responses they provide to quiz and assignment questions, and even their overall progress between multiple courses. Examples of data points include progress percentage per course/module/screen, overall grade, time spent on the course/module/screen, etc.

The resource-specific reports will show you how many times your learners are viewing the resources and on average how much time has been spent viewing it. This will be valuable when reviewing your course content to understand the effectiveness of each screen you are displaying as you will be able to see if learners are constantly going back and viewing it again, or if they're spending a long time viewing something that should only take a few seconds.

Who can access the analytics?

The "teach" permission will give your trainer access to reports. "Teach" can be applied to a trainer who is assigned to a specific group so that they can only see the reports for learners assigned to them or it can be assigned at the workspace level so they can see reports for all learners in all courses.

What reports are available?

Your reports are divided into four categories and will track the progress and associated data related to learners studying courses (Results), the performance of each of the authored modules in the platform (Resources), the usage of learners and trainers in the platform (Usage), and also the activity associated with any links to resources you have shared (External Activity).

To find out more about each of the reports click one of the links below:


πŸ“– Group Report

πŸ“– Course Report

πŸ“– Lesson Report

πŸ“– Quiz Report


πŸ“– Usage Report

To learn more about how and when to utilize reporting, check out our "Data Mining for Insight Gold" webinar below:

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