What are Resource Folders?

They are folders that allow you to organize your content. The content can be in the form of an entire course, a lesson, quiz, assignment, document, or video. They can be great for assigning content to different departments of your organization.

How can I create a Resource Folder?

On the navigation bar on the left side of the screen, click on the folders icon (Library) > then on the left side of the screen, click "create".

Why do I need / why should I use Resource Folders?

They can be a great way to organize your content and you can also provide access to certain trainers for certain resource folders.

For example, you can give your Sales Trainer access to the Sales Resource Folder so they can only see and edit the content that lives in that folder. You can also filter your main dashboard and reports by resource folders.

Why are my courses automatically placed in the Coassemble folder?

The Coassemble folder is the default folder in any new workspaces. This means any new course you create automatically get added to that folder unless you choose other wise from the Course Settings.

How can I move a course from one folder to another?

Click into a course > go to "Course Settings" > then choose what folder you want that course to live in. You can then move the course to another Resource Folder from here at any time.

How can I copy a resource into another folder?

In the Library, find the content you want to copy > then click on the three little dots next to it > and select "copy lesson".

Can a course be part of more than one folder at a time?

No. A course can only be in one folder. You could however create a copy of a course or content to put in a different folder.

Can learners see Resources Folders?

No, only trainers can see Resource Folders.

What happens if I delete a Resource Folder?

The courses that were in the deleted resource folder will be assigned to the default 'Coassemble' folder.

Can you pull reports based on Resource Folders?


How do I filter by Resource Folders?

You can filter your main dashboard by Resource Folders. Click on the "All Resources" drop-down and you can filter your view by just the courses in your desired folder.

You can also filter your reports by Resource Folders as well.

Pro tip: You can also share a course using a Share URL from the Resource Folder section. Just find the resource you want to share > click on the three little dots next to it > and choose "share." You can decide whether you want the link to be public so anyone can view it or private and password protected.

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