Why use the Embed screen?

Use the embed screen template to embed rich content into your training. Engage your users by adding surveys, podcasts, forms, calendar bookings, maps, and more to your course.


Embed a survey to get feedback from customers or learners. You can use Survicate or Survey Monkey to create surveys or polls to get feedback on your training or business.


If you are onboarding new team members you can use Google Maps and embed the company location into your onboarding course. Talking to customers? Embed your location to show them where you are.


Use Google Forms or Typeform to collect useful data from your audience. This could be details on their working from home setup, or customer information.

Calendar Booking

Use your favorite calendar booking platform, such as Calendly, to book a session with a team member. If you are using a course for lead generation, then allow a prospect to book in to speak to your sales team.


Embed a podcast from Spotify to support an idea in your course. You can provide the content and then follow up with a pop quiz to check that the content has been understood.

Check out the Embed screen demo to see how you can use it inside your lessons.


What content can I embed in the embed screen template?

You can embed any content you have a link for, and doesn't restrict embedding. Some websites won't allow you to embed them e.g. google. In most cases where you are supplied an embed code or link for sharing, it should work.

Can I add multiple embed screens?

Yes, you can embed any number of embed screens into your course.

Does the embed template work on mobile devices?

Coassemble is fully mobile responsive—so your content will look great on any device.

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