New Features and Improvements

  • Added enrolment groups to the manage page so that you can view, edit, and create groups all from a single screen. 
  • We've converted the "What to do on reattempting this quiz" options to two simple checkboxes; "Skip fully correct questions"and "Show correct answers". Hopefully this will help avoid confusion some users had with the previous options.
  • Added an option to allow Participants to complete a quiz without passing it if they use up all their attempts
  • Improved our API allowing for searches and the ability to enrol a user into a Course > Group
  • Improved the next module pop-up allowing Participants to stay on the page if they wish to
  • The 'Start Course' button now says 'Continue Course' if you've already started the Course
  • Assignment reattempt modal now includes 'available until' date as well as due and cutoff dates
  • We now force Force uniqueness on answers on a number of quiz and checkpoint question types. 
  • Opened up Course/Lesson/Quiz codes to all plan types.
  • Overhauled the UI for creating quiz/checkpoint questions to make this process simpler
  • Improved the course completion options for Assignments in a Course with competency-style grading
  • Indicate if modules are required for course completion on the Course sidebar
  • After much deliberation, we've changed the hotspot template so that it resizes the image on mobile instead of forcing you to scroll from left to right
  • We've made adjustments to improve the following templates on mobile; Steps template, Side Slide template, Icon Hover template. 

Bug Fixes

  • Teachers of groups can now click the gear icon next to a module and adjust the module options for the group(s) that they are facilitators of
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't see the module code on quizzes in the mirror/duplicate window
  • Fixed bug where Drag and Drop question for quizzes hid the answers on desktop
  • We've Improved performance of Course builder UI
  • Fixed the bug where some users were having difficulty adding multiple elements on the presentation templates when using IE 11. 

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