New Features and Improvements

This release will go live at 6am 21/06/2017

  • Participants' previously correct Assignment answers are optionally copied when re-attempting an Assignment.

  • We've improved the look of the Course home page.

  • Courses, Lessons, Quizzes  and Assignments now have a dedicated colour on the customise panel. 

  • We're progressing on our notifications system; we hope to have something for you on the next release.

  • We've made major changes to the database architecture that we hope will help with performance going forward.

  • Coassemble Explore will be live soon on the Coassemble website; we will let you know when it is up.

  • You can now preview individual groups on Courses, meaning you can now see what participants will see when you change the settings

  • We now automatically generate image thumbnails on the Assignment grading page to improve performance. You'll now get a fancy new lightbox to display all of your Participants' uploaded images and documents. 

  • We've included the 'Enrol' permission as a Global Campus level permission.

  • We've clarified the permissions a facilitator can have on a Course.

  • You'll now be warned if you ask to delete a Lesson or Quiz that is a module in at least one Course.

Bug Fixes

  • Submitting an Assignment now allows participants to continue without Course completion.

  • We have fixed a bug where Learning Outcomes falsely appear editable when filtered by category.

  • We've fixed a bug where Participants could submit Assignment responses that were completely blank.

  • We've fixed some minor display issues with creating Lessons and Quizzes when in list view and switching between them.

  • We've fixed that annoying bug where two questions in a Quiz were highlighted at the same time.

  • We've fixed the little ticks and crosses that were missing from an emailed copy of a student's Quiz results, and made sure their name is on it.

  • The Quiz Results screen now uses the correct terminology when you select competency style grading on the Course settings.

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