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What are conversion services?

Conversion refers to adapting your existing training resources into e-Learning content. In some cases, you may simply want to cut and paste content from a Word document into a series of e-Learning slides so that it can be uploaded to a Learning Management System. In other cases, you may want to transform your content into interactive, professional e-Learning Modules. 

Converting services can help you transition quickly and easily into using a Learning Management System, as it optimises all of your existing resources for LMS use.

At Coassemble, we have a team of in-house designers. These designers are experts at creating and converting e-Learning materials, and can tailor your content to suit your needs. We've worked with a huge range of clients, from WesTrac to the Department of Education.

How the conversion process works

The conversion process follows 12 steps:

Prior to the conversion process

1 - The client sends through documents to be converted.
2 - The design team have a creative meeting to evaluate the documents and decides on an initial direction for the content.
3 - The design team meets with the client for a tissue session and gets their feedback on initial concepts and direction for the conversion.
4 - The design team creates a branded Coassemble account for the client based on the client's branding guide.
5 - The client is invited into the Coassemble platform to approve branding.

The conversion process

6 - An in-house instructional designer creates a storyboard for the project in a Word document. This involves creating the structure of the conversion as well as writing any scripts for animations or videos.
7 - The storyboard is created in Coassemble, with content, photos, videos, animations and illustrations placed in their relevant sections.
8 - The draft Coassemble Module undergoes a final quality check by the project lead before being sent to the client for their first review.
9 - The client sends through their feedback with any changes.
10 - The design team actions all changes and sends the project back to the client for a final review.
11 - Once the final project is approved, any other necessary additions, such as professional voiceovers, are taken care of.
12 - The client is sent the final project to be shared as they wish.

How much does it cost?

The cost of our conversion services is based on the size of your resources and whether you'd like a straightforward or bespoke conversion. Talk to our support team for further information on a quote.

What does the final report look like?

Each module typically contains 60% Presentation tiles, 5% Interactive/Challenge tiles, and 35% Text + Image/Video tiles. Our designers try to stick to this breakdown as it results in highly interactive and engaging e-Learning resources. Quizzes are also provided as separate modules, which allow you to test the effectiveness of your content. 

What file formats do existing resources have to be in?

We accept most file formats, though they usually take the form of a PDF, PowerPoint, Word document, or e-Learning slides.

Commissioned content

If you don't have any resources to convert, but do need content created, we've also got you covered. We have specialist in-house writers who can create storyboards based on a set of criteria that you'd like to see covered in a Course. 

How much does it cost?

Our eLearning Development fees are extremely affordable and include the costs of stock photography, illustrations, professional voice overs, project management, quality assurance and all other associated expenses. eLearning Conversion services are based on modules sizes (determined by the size of your existing PowerPoint or Word Document files). Standard modules start at $3,750. Please contact us below for a free estimate.

Note: Your monthly Coassemble subscription is a separate expense and development of assessments items (Assignments, Quizzes) and / or mapping of content to accreditations is an additional service, so please advise if you need any of these components as part of your project.

For further information on our conversion services, including a quote on your existing resources, contact us using the icon to the bottom right of your screen. 

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