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Recently a Coassemble customer came across a configuration issue in their 3rd party LMS using a lesson created in Coassemble. 

Coassemble is a pretty niche product in that our SCORM packages allow for updates and changes progressively without the need for reconfiguration in a 3rd party LMS. However, because our content remains in the cloud, we store detailed tracking information for each student in our secure database. 

A SCORM user is identified in Coassemble by your workspace ID, their username as provided by your LMS, and their full name as provided by your LMS*. 

If any of these three elements are changed, the student may be given a blank slate, and be required to complete all tiles and quiz questions over. The only way** the student can regain their original save data is by returning to the original username & full name.

*Some LMSs do not provide the student name, or the student username to SCORM packages. To check this, simply consult your LMS manual for more information. In this case, only the provided data is used to match students.

** We do have an option that prevents our database from storing the student’s full name even if it is provided by your LMS. In addition to providing more privacy for students, the matching will then only occur on username and workspace ID only. This will, of course, re-set all student’s data immediately, but following that name changes will no longer be a problem.

If you have detailed questions or if you think this issue might be effecting your use of Coassemble content in your 3rd party LMS, then simply let us know and we will help explain the options further.

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