This article is relevant to users on all plans.

If you have not upgraded your account using the upgrade option and are adding a card a later time, you can follow these simple steps from within the Coassemble platform to get it sorted. 

*Please note to complete any of the below actions you will first need to be a (Finance Manager). If you are not a Finance Manager then please contact your Workspace Manager to get the associated role provisioned. 

  1. Log in to Coassemble using your username and password 
  2. Head to the settings area located in the bottom left of the platform underneath your profile and click on Plan and Billing (see image below)

3. Make your way to the Billing tab and look for the button with "Add Payment Method" and click it to open the credit card details window. (see image below)

4.  Add your credit card information along with your billing information into the window and then hit "Pay $***" when you're done. (see image below) This will then secure your card details on our authorised payment provider Stripe. *Please note that Coassemble does not store any credit card details in our platform. (see image below)

 5. That is it - Your Coassemble account will now debit your card monthly based upon your chosen plan cost. 

If you still have questions around adding your card details, let us know and we can help you get started. 

Thank you for your continued support of Coassemble

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