This article is relevant for users on the Extend, Enterprise, and Partner plans

At Coassemble we love helping our customers and sometimes you need that little bit of extra help, advice and support as you bring your online learning to life across your organisation. 

For this they get a dedicated Account Manager who helps with design questions, enrolment puzzles and organisational structure plans. The account management provides their mobile phone number and will constantly touch base at the important times in your projects and make sure that someone is available to talk to when you have those pressing questions. We even do the manual handling and heavy lifting on transitioning resources, cleaning up and polishing course content and plenty more...

The account manager knows Coassemble back to front and has worked with Schools, School Districts, Universities, RTO's and Corporate giants like Starbucks and WesTrac. They are backed by a dedicated design team, development team and product team who love Coassemble as a learning platform and have the goal of making your learning project in Coassemble a smooth experience for your team and learner!  

So if you feel like Coassemble is the platform for you, however you and your team would like some professional support and consultancy around making your learning stand out, just contact us to see how we can get you started with VIP support! 

We are rolling out the red carpet as we speak... 

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