A recent study by Brandon Hall Group showed that 48% of companies are unhappy with their existing Learning Management System. Meanwhile, the same study showed that LMSs account for 38% of learning technology budgets. These figures beg the question - if so many companies are so unhappy with their LMSs, and those LMSs are costing them so much money, then why don’t they just change?

The answer is that organisations often feel like they’re entrenched in their LMS, with no easy way out. A company’s LMS is the single most fundamental aspect of its e-Learning strategy - it is the environment in which all training activities are stored, delivered, tracked, reported and analysed. Once a company has trained staff to use an LMS, implemented it across technical departments, and created or converted learning resources, an LMS can begin to feel ingrained in every facet of the business. Uprooting that LMS can seem like a mammoth task.

But the payoff is just as appealing. Nearly half of companies who implemented a new learning technology strategy in 2016 said they saw at least a 10% rise in profits, with almost a quarter saying that their e-Learning costs for the year actually dropped. 

So how much does it cost to change your LMS?

Upgrading your LMS doesn’t have to be as traumatic as it sounds. Let’s run through the major pain points:

Licensing fees

The first cost a business faces when upgrading their Learning Management System is the license cost of the new LMS. Licensing fees can range from ‘free’, for open-source LMS software, to the tens of thousands of dollars, for SaaS (online) or installed software. Coassemble's licensing fee starts at $99 per month. 

Staff training

Staff training is another key factor when it comes to upgrading an LMS - a factor that can cost both time and money. To make sure employees hit the ground running, Coassemble takes care of staff training - from face-to-face workshops, to guided online demonstrations, to a 24/7 chat service and a wealth of FAQ and how-to articles. 


Resources are one of the ways that a company can feel most entrenched in their LMS, as hundreds of training materials and courses can build up over the years. Converting these resources requires hiring e-Learning content developers - and finding e-Learning developers can be a costly and time-consuming job in itself. 

When it comes to converting resources, Coassemble has a team of in-house designers who can quickly and professionally update existing materials to fit Coassemble LMS specifications. Contact us for more information.

The bottom line

With a little help and guidance, upgrading a company LMS can be pain-free - licensing fees are minimal, and staff training and resource conversion are taken care of; the only thing left to do is say goodbye to the old LMS.

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