Our latest  Coassemble Release Notes update (Fletcher) is now live on the Coassemble servers, the latest updates and bug fixes are outlined below…

New Features and Improvements

  • There’s now a SCORM player for our LMS users, meaning that you can easily upload your existing SCORM objects as Coassemble Course Modules (pictured right)

  • There’s also now an improved SCORM layout for third-party LMSs

  • Made the current plan more prominent on the account settings page

  • We’ve changed our domain to coassemble.com… The app can now be found at app.coassemble.com

  • Plans have been simplified, with a single charge for additional seats/users within the Coassemble Author and Coassemble Author + SCORM plans ($9 per Author, per month)

  • Enrollment of users/participants without email addresses is now allowed, simply enter a list of staff/students names and we’ll automatically generate their usernames and passwords (available to download in CSV format).

  • There’s now an ‘Active User’ report, designed so you can see the number of users in your account from month to month

  • When you add a logo to your Dashboard (under customisation options), there’s now a preview

  • Removed unnecessary navigation from Participant views

  • Improved the consistency of button layouts across the app

  • Link sharing is now available from all Plans

  • Removed pointless/confusing time spent graphs for time spent in some of our visual reporting views

  • The Assignment question now displays a work limit for Participants (see below)

  • After several corporate demos, it became awkwardly apparent that using the ‘students’ to describe employees wasn’t a good fit. For this reason, we’ve updated language used to describe “students” to be more generic, suiting both our corporate and educational customers. ‘Student’ is now an ‘enrolled user’. The navigation bar now says ‘team’ instead of ‘users’. The ‘Users’ tab on the course page now says ‘Participants’.

Bug Fixes

  • If payment fails, an email now gets sent to the right people

  • Fixed time-zone error on simple sign up form

  • Stripped out special characters from Hostnames on sign up so that users don’t get assigned crazy Coassemble sub-domains that can’t be accessed

  • Fixed bug where some Users were forced to login again when switching Campus

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