In the past month, we’ve made two major updates to Coassemble (Gateshead and Hamilton). Below you’ll find notes for both releases. One of the biggest changes to our infrastructure is that we’re now using Amazon CloudFront to serve assets from multiple locations around the globe. Amazon CloudFront is a global content delivery network (CDN) service that accelerates delivery of Coassemble content, meaning that the platform will now be faster for Coassemble users everywhere.

New Features & Improvements

First up, we’ve improved the design of the Course Overview pages (for Participants and Authors) to make the layout clearer for everyone. Some changes you’ll notice immediately include new module icons and changes to the spacing, text sizes and layout:

We have also overhauled the invite and enrol functionality to make it simpler to use across Coassemble. The Users screen now has 2 tabs: Team & Participants (pictured below).

From the Participants tab, you can now invite all of your users. Once invited, you can select users directly from a single list for enrolment into Courses, or to add them to Departments (as Team members). The Participants tab also allows you to deactivate users from your account more easily. There is now an edit button for each Department allowing you to easily manage your team members from a single window…

Inviting Participants to a Course (using the Enrol option) also follows similar process, with a single window that can be used to ‘Invite Users’ (using an email address) and then enrolling them as from the same window.

For organisations who don’t have email addresses for each individual, there is now an option to generate usernames and passwords based on a name entry for each enrolled Participant… if required, the auto-generated usernames and passwords can also be modified before downloading a CSV containing the credentials of each new user created:

There also is now Participant profile page (available from within the Participants tab of each Course) which displays a summary of all Courses/Groups each Participant is currently enrolled in. You can also direct message (currently via email) and see the grades of each learner from this screen…

You should find that your own profile screen is also a lot tidier, and and easier to manage:

Other changes

  • We’ve added a plugin to the WYSIWYG editor, allowing you to add an extensive array of mathematical symbols and equations (using the CodeCogs CK Editor)

  • The somewhat confusing select template type dropdown is no longer displayed if you’ve already made a selection using the widgets panel

  • SCORM access loophole is now blocked if you switch plans that don’t include SCORM packaging

  • There’s now the ability to duplicate and mirror ‘Groups’ (handy if you need to manage the same cohort across multiple Courses)

  • New – a password strength meter when completing a new profile

  • Image size restrictions have been added to all templates so users can’t accidentally upload enormous images (meaning no more broken layouts). The image cropper also now selects the entire image by default. As reported by several users, the entirety of an un uploaded image is often way more useful than just the middle part!

  • The billing process has been updated so that you can now enter your credit card details in the middle of your trial (you won’t be charged until the trial ends). There’s also now an ‘Upgrade your account’ button on the toolbar so that it’s easier to find during the 30-day trial

  • The ‘Match Corresponding’ Quiz and Checkpoint question type has been improved so that it’s clear which responses have already been selected.

  • We’ve now started work on a single sign on API (using SAML), which should be available in the next release

Bug Fixes

The following issues were fixed:

  • Issue where Course Overview screen was not available to users with only the ‘Teach’ permission.

  • Issue in the Correct Category Challenge where if you used a large amount of text, it did not appear in the label holders properly

  • Bug where you couldn’t access anything if your account was limited. Now you can see, but not edit, all your content.

  • Bug where SVG images weren’t appearing on the Text & Image tile template in Firefox.

  • Bug where revisions weren’t updated after duplicating a tile

  • Bug where there was no security on Assignments (as in, you didn’t actually require a permissions to access one of your team members Assignments.. ooops!)

  • Bug with in the Match Sequence Challenge/Checkpoint where some answers “got stuck” and couldn’t be reordered

  • Bug where you were allowed to add tiles under topics that weren’t saved

  • SCORM objects now appear in the ‘required modules’ list on Course settings

  • Issue where you couldn’t edit yourself on the Team Tab

  • Iffy breadcrumbs on ‘Document’ modules

  • Several Typos

  • Links in invitation emails that forgot to point to

  • Issue where Organisational Managers didn’t have access to ‘Invite Collaborators’ button

  • Bug where you couldn’t add a Course code after the Course had been created

  • Issue where alt tags (for accessibility) weren’t available on Correct Image Challenge Template

If you notice anything astray when you are using Coassemble, please let us know using the ‘Feedback & Support’ tab which will send us your current URL, system and browser information. If you have any questions about anything above, please contact

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