Our latest raft of updates include wholesale changes to the in-line (WYSIWYG) Coassemble editor, some all-new features, and improvements to our navigation and interface. We’ve also fixed some minor bugs and made several backend changes. For existing users there are quite a few updates to take note of – please grab a coffee, have a read, and give your Coassemble Account Manager a call if you have any concerns or questions.


We’ve made wholesale changes to the Coassemble editor, meaning you can now:

  • Insert images

  • Insert videos

  • Insert iFrames

  • Insert special characters

  • Insert tables

  • Insert horizontal lines

  • Spell check

New Features

  • We’ve added an export functionality to the Course Report so you can export all your Course Reports and keep them in one place (all Reports will include this feature in a future release)

  • You can now switch between percentages and whole numbers on all Reports – where applicable

  • Users now have the ability to Publish share links as an <iFrame>, allowing you to embed your Coassemble Modules just about anywhere!

  • Facilitators with a ‘Teach’ permission only can now be added to Course GroupsWe’ve added a new feature that allows Enterprise customers to prevent Participants changing their passwords (if your organisation needs something similar please let us know)

  • If you’ve had problems with your Participants not receiving their invitation emails, you now have the option to resend invitation emails

  • There’s now a system check page for better debugging client issues

  • Existing Coassemble users! We’ve added custom login screens for your Campus, meaning that you can now theme your organisation’s login screen to match your training environment – see below to get an idea…

Topics have been added back to the Widgets menu due to popular request!

  • Topics have been added back to the Widgets menu due to popular request!

  • Students and teachers are now told what grade is required for the completion of each Course

  • We’ve improved the ‘Congratulations’ tile, giving you the ability to add a navigation button to the page that will direct users: ‘Back to Course’; ‘Next Module’; or to a custom URL

  • We’ve improved the layout and look of the Course Overview page

  • Your current pricing band info is now displayed alongside the ‘Active Users’ report

  • We’ve added an external link Module for Courses (allowing you to link to any external content as a Module that needs completing as part of your Course resources)

  • The ‘Hotspot’ template is now friendlier for mobile devices

  • All references to ‘Organisation’ have been changed to ‘Campus’

  • We’ve changed ‘Reset’ to ‘Continue’ on all ‘Challenge Success’ notifications

Assignments, Checkpoints, and Quizzes

  • Access various Question Types directly from the authoring panel – you longer need to create a Checkpoint firstWe’ve created a new section on the widgets panel (accordion menu) and called it ‘Checkpoints Questions’. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, that this panel displays ALL available question types. If a user selects a Checkpoint question, the question type will automatically be added to the tile, ready to edit (you can still add additional questions to the same Checkpoint)We’ve added additional document types to Assignment uploads, including: video, audio, excel, word, pdf, ppt, txt, and .zip

  • Teachers are now warned when adding new questions to Assignments where Participants have already made submissions

  • We’ve added the ability to give Participants another try at a Quiz (e.g. if all of their retries have been used up). Participants also now have the option to mark the retry as complete by default for offline Quizzes

  • Participants are now alerted if they don’t select an answer on the Correct Image Challenge

  • We’ve improved Quizzes and Checkpoints by allowing users the ability to randomise possible answers for both Quiz and Checkpoint questions (by default all answers are displayed). Randomise will display a defined number of answers in an unpredictable, unsystematic order, making it harder for a Participant to predict their responses by memorisation (or by snooping over someone’s shoulder)

  • We’ve added the ability to duplicate Checkpoint and Quiz questions

  • We’ve tidied up the Checkpoint / Quiz question modal to make it clearer and easier to use.

Access various Question Types directly from the authoring panel – you longer need to create a Checkpoint first

Learning Outcomes and Permissions

  • Learning Outcome mappings are now shown on Quiz and Assignment Reports by default

  • Learning Outcomes are now added on a global Learning Outcomes page. This allows users to re-use learning Outcomes across different Courses (for existing Users there’s an extra step here that you may not have seen before)

  • Users can now add ‘Teach’ and ‘Enrol’ permissions for Users across entire Departments

  • If you try and access a Campus where you don’t have an account, you’ll now get a message to tell you why

  • Permissions are more consistently displayed across all Courses settings

Backend Changes

  • We’ve beefed up our Amazon Server with improvements to our automatic load balancing, enabling us to achieve greater levels of fault tolerance that should provide the required amount of load balancing capacity needed to distribute application traffic

Bug Fixes

The following glitches have now been fixed…

Bug fixes to Templates

  • Some users couldn’t edit existing drag and drop templates

  • Theme colours were not being displayed on the ‘Wheel’ template

  • The ‘Wheel’ template would display a broken image if no icon was selected

Bug fixes to Lessons

  • Lessons that have no enrolments used to appear on the Lessons report

  • Lessons in course share links had no way of getting back to the Course

Bug fixes to Reports and Users

  • The ‘Average Minutes’ statistic could only display up to 60 on the ‘Reports’ page

  • Organisation Managers used to appear multiple times in the members list

If there’s anything you think we missed out, let us know at support@coassemble.com and we’ll try our best to add it to the next update – we look forward to hearing your feedback on our latest release!

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