It’s been a big month at Coassemble with the team juggling a number of conversion projects, account customisations and new enterprise features. The Development Team has also been hard at work on the latest update to the platform (Lambton) which you may have noticed in your Campus yesterday afternoon.

Whilst the technological advances in this release aren’t that dramatic, they should help make your Coassemble experience more enjoyable (refer to General Improvements below). Other highlights include a new authoring template, live Group Chat and new Reports Dashboard. Here’s a rundown…

New Features

Author Templates

Yay – we’ve added a new Lesson Template! The ‘Case Study’ Template can be used to display a ‘study card’ that poses a scenario, requiring participants to think of an appropriate response.The card can then be ‘turned’ to reveal more information, questions to consider or the ideal response.

This makes the Case Study Template great for testing decision making and responses, especially for health and safety related topics. The Case Study Template’s ‘flip and reveal’ structure means that it can also be used to simulate flashcards. Here’s how to make your own Case Study.

Course Chat

A new Course Chat feature allows for better discussion between Facilitators and Participants. The Chat feature is available to Participants from a tab on the Course view, allowing all members of a Course Group to collaborate, ask questions and provide feedback in real-time.

Note: Course Facilitators will be able to access Group chat

New Reporting Dashboard

The old Reports Dashboard was kind of… well… meh. It didn’t really show you anything apart from how much activity there was in your account. On the other hand, the new Report Dashboard on the other hand provides a valuable snapshot of activity across your account including Participation and Creation (comparing values to the previous month).

General Improvements

Managing Participants

To make it easier to keep track of your Participants, we’ve added avatars on all Reports, allowing for easier identification of your Participants. You can now also easily view each Participant’s progress under Course > Group > Participant Report where there’s now a progress bar to show how each Participant is advancing (or not).

UX Improvements

  • We’ve optimised a number of Lesson Templates for mobile use, meaning that they look and feel more like they do on a desktop computer or tablet device

  • Over on the Dashboard your filtering options are remembered

  • Under Courses, your Document Modules no longer need to be published (they’re now available to your Participants as soon as you upload them).


  • We’ve improved the Assignment UI for Participants so that they can still see the question while answering it (handy)

  • You can also now add multiple attachments to each Assignment question, including .PPTX files which were previously rejected.

The ‘Lambton’ update is named after the first suburb in Newcastle to be fully lit by electric light. For more information about Newcastle take look at the Visit Newcastle website.

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