New Features and Improvements

  • We’ve added a Marketplace! Yes, you heard right, we’ve added a marketplace that will allow you to copy free content created by us and some of our partners into your Campus. Currently you can only duplicate content into your Campus, but in the next instalment, you’ll be able to share your own resources with other users. Just visit the Explore tab to add some free resources to your Campus now.

  • Course Report exports have been greatly improved. The report now provides facilitators with a detailed breakdown of everything the student has done on a course. It includes all attempts from quizzes and answers to assignments.

  • The Assignment report now allows you to print all Student attempts on an Assignment, including any images the participant has included with the Assignment.

  • You can also jump directly to grading a group of students from the assignment report

  • The Write (input) Answer quiz/checkpoint question now includes support for multiple correct answers

  • We’ve added a global option for quizzes that allows you to show a less detailed results view on quizzes so that Participants can’t share their results with others as easily. 

  • Improvement for mobile of Coassemble Builder screens. It’s now easier than ever to create content on mobiles. More improvements on the way!

  • We’ve added a new help centre

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where quiz/checkpoints were displayed in reports in the order they were shown to the participant, not in the order the facilitator added them

  • No longer showing grades on competency-based reports

  • Fixed bug where how-to-videos were not displaying

  • Some reports displayed raw HTML instead of formatted text – we fixed that

  • We’ve limited average grades to 2 decimal places

  • Fixed various issues related to Internet Explorer

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