New Coassemble Features

All of your Quizzes and Learning pathways can now be accessed from the new ‘Resources Tab’ (pictured above).

This new feature means that you can now preview, edit and duplicate any content across your account without having to navigate between Courses. Any updates made to any of your training content in the Resources area will also be synced automatically back to any courses where your resources are used.

This much requested feature makes it easier to manage and/or make changes to multiple learning pathways or quizzes and allows you to better organise and reuse your learning content and questions from a single resource folder.

Web 2.0 AA Accessibility updates

In the most recent update Coassemble was also made more web content accessible (as have any courses you’ve published to date). Most of the changes you won’t notice, that is of course unless you or your learners use a screen reader, a keyboard in place of a mouse, or some type of assistive technology.

Keyboard accessibility is one of the most important aspects of disability access, especially for vision Impaired learners who almost exclusively use a keyboard for navigation. In this release we’ve added keyboard accessibility with the correct tab order and focus indicator for almost all of our eLearning templates. A handful of templates involving intricate user interactions still need to be updated, and will (in all probability) need to have a web accessible alternatives developed over time.

ARIA landmarks and roles also now exist across all eLearning resources and quizzes (attributes you can add to elements in your page to define areas like the main content or a navigation region).

Other accessibility improvements in this update include changes to course navigation menus, and making text selectable across all learning pathways (some users need to highlight text so they can use a screen reader to play it back).

Strict WCAG 2.0 AA compliance is still a way off, but we now have a clear roadmap for this area of development, and have prioritised development in this area in response to feedback from our BETA organisations  and Government users.

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