Every release is different, however it has the same goal - improve the user experience for everyone who uses Coassemble! So read on about what we have completed recently. 

New Features & Improvements

  • Quizzes now allow ‘Codes’ (just like a Lesson)

  • In Coassemble LMS you can now give Participants overall feedback at the end of a Course (from the Course report)

  • There's now the option to upload a feedback document when grading Assignments

  • Added a 'Recently Enrolled' filter for Participants

  • If you email invite goes astray, you can now grab an activation code from the Manage page

  • Publishing and Reverting content is now done in-line. No more going to a new page!

  • All templates now allow you to duplicate items within them. 

  • Campus Logos and theming now appears on sign up pages

  • You can now edit tiles in a new window if you want by [ctrl] clicking the edit button

  • Under the hood, we’ve significantly improved the way group permissions work - teachers added to Groups are now be able to see the Courses they can teach on their Dashboard (and preview the content)


Fixed a whole bunch of bugs related to Internet Explorer, the most important being: 

  • The create card height on the Dashboard

  • Scaling images in the cropper 

  • Fixed widget list items from having large gaps between them

  • Removed a breaking bug for responsive images in IE11

  • Fixed bug where Facilitator didn’t appear to come across when mirroring a Group

Fixed permissions issues:

  • Courses (available for study and visible in builder Dashboard) were not openable

  • Course editor not able to change settings for a Group they don’t own

  • Teachers of Groups can’t see courses in the Dashboard

  • Fixed a few minor bugs with Reports

  • Fixed issue where revoked Campuses were shown in your list, even though you had access to them. 

  • Fixed bug where you couldn’t preview some tiles in a new tab

  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t view past page 1 of a PDF in a course on iPhone

  • Fixed retrying a Quiz showing all questions with previous correct answers selected

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