This article is relevant to users on the Extend and Enterprise plans.


Coassemble provides a RESTful API for accessing and manipulating data within Coassemble that is accessible by a given user account from outside of Coassemble.

To access the API documentation, please head over to


You can access the Coassemble v1 API via HTTPs (only) at the following address


It is important that you use the correct campus subdomain so that the records returned or manipulated related the correct Coassemble campus.

Whilst additional endpoints and information may be added, you can be sure that the routes defined in this document under /v1/ will not be moved or removed, nor existing attributes removed.

From this point on routes will be referred to without the https://[campus] prefix.

Request and Response Format

We recommend using JSON formatted requests and responses, however the Coassemble API is capable of providing and accepting JSON and XML formatted responses and requests respectively.

You should include a header for the content type and accepted format in your request:

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