Can I import a SCORM package into Coassemble?

Yes, you can! First, you'll first need a zip file. Then, you'll...

1 - create a course or jump into an existing one and click "add module". You should then see the option for SCORM Package.

2 - You'll name the module and then be able to upload or drag and drop your zip file into this screen. It may take a minute to upload but then you'll see upload complete.

3 - You'll then be given this screen to choose from the following options. Then click "save changes" and you should be good to go!

Image 1

4 - Once done, you may see the following, which just means you need to click on "preview" to actually see the package.

Image 2

5 - At the bottom of the screen, you can choose whether you want the SCORM package to appear in line or open in a new window by clicking through these icons.

Image 3

My SCORM file isn't working properly, help!

This may be because of the settings you chose earlier in Image 1. Content refers to a lesson module while Activity refers to a quiz module. Whatever SCORM version you chose earlier, try the other one to see if that will work. You can edit these settings by clicking this icon in the top left.

Image 4

Why doesn't my SCORM package say completed when my learner has finished it?

1 - Some LMS don't automatically communicate that but you can turn it on by clicking on the SCORM module > click on the three little dots > module settings > then turn on "Mark this package as completed immediately upon open".

FYI: SCORM will only say it's been completed if the learner finishes the entire SCORM package.

2 - They haven't actually completed the course.

FYI: They may not have clicked through every interactive element so check the settings on the other LMS.

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