Can I export a SCORM file from Coassemble into another LMS?

Yes but it is an additional cost, use the live chat to reach out to us and we'd be happy to chat about it.

How do I download something into a SCORM file?

Once you have the SCORM export add-on, go to your Folders > find the lesson or quiz module you want to download > click the three little dots on the right side > click "share lesson" > then choose "SCORM downloads" and follow the prompts.

What can I export as a SCORM file from Coassemble?

Lessons or quiz modules. If you have a course with multiple different modules, it will need to be separate exports. And the course overview or finish screen is not included in a SCORM file.

Can I export an entire course as SCORM?

No. Just lesson or quiz modules so we'd recommend creating one module with everything inside of it for easy exporting.


Can I add an extra layer of security to my files?

You can specify which URLs are allowed to load your SCORM Packages to provide an additional layer of protection for your intellectual property. To do so, go to Share > SCORM Tab > "Get SCORM Package" > Add the URL in the bottom of the modal.

Notes about SCORM:

SCORM is capable of communicating the completion progress and the grade achieved. It will communicate these upon the learner reaching the end of the SCORM file.

If it is a lesson module, only "completion progress" is communicated so it'll go from 0% to 100%, where quizzes can be 100% "progress completed" with a 70% "score" achieved.

There's a workspace setting that you can enable to allow students to retry the quiz and have the score update, I'd recommend turning that on if you want learners to be able to re-attempt the quiz and achieve a new score.

When exporting SCORM files, you'll need to export with course settings.

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