What time is displayed in reports?

All times are recorded in UTC, which means that when you look at reports, the time displayed will adapt to the timezone set in your browser.

Can you delete the learner's progress?

Yes. If you delete (not deactivate) a learner from your workspace, their progress will no longer be available from your reports. However, their progress data is never really gone so if you were to add them again as learners and reenroll them into the same courses, data would return in your reports.

Why is the time spent for specific learners so high in my reports?

This is likely due to your learners having kept their Coassemble browser tab open while they were doing something else on the computer.

How should I handle those outliers times in reports?

We recommend you export the report as .csv, remove lines for any outliers, then do a new average if needed.

Can I export a report?

Reports can be exported as .csv, .xsls or .pdf. Refer to the Coassemble Reports course for more information on how each report can be exported.

Can reports be emailed to me directly?

No. the only emails you may receive from Coassemble are notifications when a learner completes a course, which includes a link to that learners' report, but that's it!

Who can see reports?

Trainers that have the "teach" permission will have access to reports. This permission can be applied to a group trainer so that they can only see the reports for learners assigned to them or it can be assigned at the workspace level so they can see reports for all learners in all courses.

Why does my report take so long to load?

The more data that needs to load, the longer it will take. However, once it has fully loaded, if you return to that screen during the same browser session, the loading time will be much faster (the data is cached for faster loading).

If I leave feedback to a learner in a report, do they get notified?

Yes, they will receive an email and in-app notification.

Why is the learner name missing/showing as 'new user' from my report?

This is because that learner hasn't entered in their first and last name. In this case, we recommend you pull up the Results report, which contains email addresses, and cross-reference the data. You should also ask the learner to update that information from their profile.

Why are emails not in the reports? Can I get a list of all learner's emails?

In-app, you can see emails in most reports, but when exporting them, only the Results report and Course report (if you export a group) include the learner's emails.

Where can I see what answer the learners chose in a quiz?

If the course contains a quiz module, you can see this from the Quiz report. Make sure that you've built a 'quiz' and not a 'pop-quiz', in which case, that type of information is not available in reports (only time spent per screen is).

Can I delete reporting data?

Removing a learner from a course will remove that learner's progress data from being visible in the reports. But remember, adding that learner back to the course will bring back that data to life!

Is there a way to edit how reports are calculated?

No. If you want to modify any reporting data, you'd need to do it manually by exporting as .csv/.xlsx.

Where can I find a graph of my reports?

Sorry to disappoint, there are no graphs available in Coassemble, so you'd need to do that manually too!

What do reports look like if I import SCORM content?

Only progress on whether it was completed or not, as well as grades, are available. So if you import a SCORM quiz, you won't be able to see the individual answers to activities that were given by the learner. If you're looking for more data, we would recommend building the equivalent content using the Coassemble authoring tool.

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