This feature is not available on all plans - contact support for more information on upgrading your plan for this feature.

⚠️ For more information on Coassemble’s API, please read through the article: How do I use Coassemble’s API?

The Coassemble platform provides a REST API that can be used to access and manipulate workspace data.

The benefit of using Coassemble’s API is that you can connect the data generated in your Coassemble workspace to other platforms in your organisation's existing tech stack. This reduces the time spent and complexity of transferring data between platforms.

Overview of Coassemble’s API

The API documentation can be viewed at: https://<your_workspace_url> and is generated automatically to match the current implementation.

Each section of the documentation details routes and methods available for a range of application-specific entities including Courses, Enrolments, Assignments and Reports.

Each route is listed with the corresponding HTTP Method and URL.

eg. the route to GET Courses is listed as:

These rows can be expanded to show the set of parameters for Requests on that route. Parameters may be optional or required, and the data type is shown for each. The set of expected Response codes and data format is also listed.

Want to try it out? Read our guide on how to configure Coassemble’s API.

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