What features are included in the Kickstart account?

  • Unlimited content creation

  • Unlimited storage

  • Lesson modules for authoring content

  • Advanced Branding to add your logo, branding colors, and more

How many users can access the workspace each month?
250 monthly active users - This includes anyone that you invite to the workspace, both learners and trainers, and will reset each month.

Can I add more than one administrator?

Yes - You can add multiple administrators and trainers to the account

What happens if I exceed the 250 users?

The 251st person to attempt to log in for the month won't be able to log in and therefore you can never go over.

Can I add documents I've already created to my course?
Yes - documents can be added throughout your course by using the designated Document module. The content will display in-line on the screen for your learner, no need to open in a new tab.

Can I add videos I've already created to my course?
Yes - Videos can be embedded into your course once they have been uploaded to a hosting site like Vimeo or Youtube. The videos can then be embedded into the platform via the Video module.

Is it possible to share the course I create?

Yes - You can enroll learners directly into the course to grant them access to the content and track their progress, or you can share a URL for the content for it to be accessed anywhere.

Can I add my logo to the courses?

Yes - Head to the Customize section (Settings > Customize) and you will be able to add your logo and branding colors to the workspace.

Can I add more features?

The plan you have purchased is the feature set available. If you outgrow the plan in the future we will be happy to discuss your options.

I want to use Coassemble for another project, can I purchase a second account?

Yes - There's no limit to the number of workspaces you can purchase. If you have a separate project or want to apply different branding to two different workspaces you can purchase another Kickstarter plan.

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