The Kickstarter plan is the ultimate "get-training-quick" plan with all the features you need to create an engaging course for your learners. This article includes tips for getting started and links to resources to ensure you're well-equipped to get started.

Add your branding essentials

Customize your workspace by adding your brand colors, logo, and more to give your learners a seamless branding experience. Read more about what styling options are available here.

Screens of an online training platform for remote work training

Build your first course - fast!

The Coassemble course builder was created to streamline the creation process so you can spend more time training your learners and less time laboring over building your first course. The kickstart plan gives you the ability to create your course using the Lesson and Quiz authoring tools that include 40+ template options. To learn how to quickly create your first course and utilize the course builder read more here.

Online training platform for remote work training

Get your message across with video

Using video is a powerful way to get your message across in a succinct and engaging way. Upload your video to your preferred hosting platforms like Youtube or Vimeo and embed it directly into your course. To learn more about the power of using video in e-learning, take this course!

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Check out our FAQ section

We've answered some common questions about the Kickstarter plan for you so check out our FAQ article to learn more. If you still have a question reach out to us via the Live chat, simply click the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the page and send us a message.

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