The text with image screen is a standard screen. It is the simplest one to use, but also the one that provides most flexibility. It is also the one that most ressembles a PowerPoint screen.

What can you do with this template?

This one's pretty straightforward, and lets you do three main things, in additional to the functions available in all templates (WYSIWYG text editor and instructor tip):

  • Add text

  • Add image

  • Change image position

🔮 Coasssemble guru's tips

  • Stick to one idea. This template is perfect if you have one idea to communicate. If you have multiple ideas, or that idea could be broken down into smaller ones, try a presentation template instead, it will be easier for learners to see those smaller parts.

  • Keep the text short. As a rule of thumb, if your learner needs to scroll down, perhaps there is too much text. Instead, break up the text into multiple screens or use a presentation template.

  • Use voiceover for an extra touch. While the voiceover function is available on ALL templates, the Text with Image template is probably where most users would use this functionality. You can simply add a complex image and walk your learners through it with the voiceover, or you can use it as a thread across your course, to emphasize the instructor-led nature of your course.

  • Drag your image to save time. This template has a drag and drop function for uploading an image. Use it!

  • Add an inline image for more flexibility. This template makes it easy for you to upload an image and move it around in the screen. But if your image has a size that doesn't quite fit the template, just add the image inline instead!

Example of the Text with Image template in the edit mode

Image editing tools in an online training platform
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