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What is the Slideshow Template?

The Slideshow template is great for displaying full-screen images to your learners.

For each image, you can add titles and descriptions for each photo (optional).

Note: Before you begin creating your ‘Slideshow’ Template, you’ll need to prepare your image or images - view the recommended image sizes here.

How do I use the Slideshow Template?

Step 1: Select the Slideshow Template from the ‘Text, Images & Video’ panel.

Step 2: Drag your Slideshow Template into the Lesson Pathway. You will be prompted to give your new screen a title.

Step 3: Click the ‘Edit’ button.

Step 4: From the edit screen, you can choose to add a sub-topic number (optional), change your title, and enter a description (optional).

Note: Once you’ve finished making changes, don’t forget to click the blue ‘Save’ button.

Step 5: To start building your slideshow, select the ‘Add new picture’ button.

Step 6: Upload an image for your new slide using the ‘Add Image’ button.

Note: view the recommended image sizes here.

Step 7: You can give each slide a title and description.

Note: Don’t forget to press the blue check button to save any changes.

Step 8: To add more items, simply repeat the process.

Step 9. To preview your work, simply click the ‘Preview’ button.

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