This article is relevant to users on the Pro, Extend, and Enterprise plans.

Under each course, you can easily manage facilitators, groups and learners (as well as other course settings) by going to the Enrollments tab after clicking 'Edit' on a Course. 

Adding Learners

To enroll a Learner, they must first be added into a Group on the Course. The reason you need to create a Group before assigning Learners is that you may want to teach different Groups at different times and/or view Reports related to a single Group (you may even want to compare the performance of different Groups accessing the same Course).

Begin by selecting the ‘Add Group’ button. 

From here, you can duplicate or mirror an existing Group, or create a new one (the Course Start and Course End data is optional, and can always be modified later):

When you’re done, select the ‘Save’ button.

Now expand your new group and click the ‘Add Learners’ button. 

From here, you can either add new users or enroll existing users into your group. If you haven't already added users to your account you will need to click the 'Add New User' button. If you have, then you can go straight to searching for them using the input box. 

Adding new users

If you haven't added users to your Workspace yet, select the ‘Add more users’ button. From here, you can ‘Invite’ new Learners by entering their emails line by line in the box provided. Click 'Add users' once you're done adding all of your users. 

After Clicking done, you'll see that your new users have been added to the list for enrollment. Click the 'Enroll Learners' button to enroll these users. 

Note: It’s possible to ‘Invite’ new users to your platform without them receiving a notification by going to the Manage page, but you should not ‘Enroll’ Learners until you are ready to start delivering your Course (unless it is scheduled for availability in the future). Enrollment notifications are sent immediately.

Enrolling existing users

If you've already added users to your workspace, use the input box to start searching for users. 

Once you've found a match, select the member and they will be added to the list. Click Enroll Learners when you're done. 

Adding Facilitators

If you’d like someone other than yourself to facilitate your Course, start by adding a Facilitator to the Course. Click the ‘Add Facilitators’ button (this can be a new or existing member – for new Facilitators, simply enter the email of the facilitators you’d like to invite).

After adding a Facilitator, you can decide what permissions they have; Enroll, or Teach. Facilitators have no author privileges, but the 'Teach' permission allows them to preview courses, see learner reports, and mark assignments. 

The ‘Enroll’ permission allows Facilitators to enroll new Learners. 

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