Coassemble is a tool that just about anyone will learn quickly – it normally takes a few hours to become familiar with the variety of templates available, and the learning management platform is designed to be as intuitive as possible.

To assist, we’ve added a number of scaffolding features including built-in video tutorials to provide you with an immediate understanding of how to best use particular eLearning templates. For the Coassemble LMS, comprehensive documentation is available on our website, as well as our our Help Centre (you’re already here!). If you get stuck, there’s also 24/7 live-chat in the platform.

Coassemble LMS customers also receive a complementary training workshop (onsite or via online conferencing depending on geographic location). The training workshop is available to any staff who plan on using Coassemble to create content or manage enrollment and delivery and will help ensure that the initial period of skill development is streamlined and successful. 

If you’d like to schedule a Coassemble training workshop for your staff please contact

The Coassemble Workshop Team is here to help.

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