Once you've build a course, you'll need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture: the overall learner experience. We've gathered some resources to help you finetune your learners' experience. You don't need to look at all of these articles, but you should read more about the topics that peak your interest and may be relevant for your specific use case.

Finalize the look & feel

📖 How do I customize my lesson template colors?
📖 How do I customize my lesson feedback popups?
📖 Setting up a custom domain

Celebrate your learners' achievements

📖 How can I customize my learner finish screen?
📖 How do I issue certificates to my learners?

Set up your course completion settings

📖 How to lock step a lesson
📖 Progress markers for presentation templates
📖 How can I change a course's availability?

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