What is my course about and who is it for?

Your answer to this question should be included in the Overview tab under the Overview section. Keeping it short will help learners focus and know quickly what they’re getting into.

Don’t have your material together or haven’t picked a topic yet? Don’t sweat it. Your first course can be on any topic - business or pleasure! It could be a course on dogs, your favorite food, a place you’d love to travel, a celebrity crush, or your best friend!

What are the learning objectives of my course?

Your answer should help your learners answer the ‘Why should I do this course?’ question, and you can use bullets to highlight those in the Overview tab, under the What you will learn section. If you can't find any learning objectives to your course, that tells you that you probably shouldn't be building it in the first place.

Online training course checklist

Do I have all the content I need to build my course?

Gather and collate all content and media you already have and think of what you may be missing. Perhaps you need to talk to an expert or put some of your thoughts down to paper to fill in some gaps, you may want to get a head start on getting some special media created (videos, diagrams, logos, etc…)

How long should my course be?

There’s no right or wrong way as to how you choose to set up and structure your course, it all comes down to personal preference and the experience you’re looking to provide for your learners. Your answer will likely influence the number of screens & modules in your first course.

📖 How long should my course be?

How interactive do I want my course to be?

When you add a module to your course, you’ll have the option to choose from our standard or interactive modules. Standard modules are quick to set up but not as interactive, so better for quick-wins or as complement to more interactive modules. Our recommendation for your first course is to try building a lesson, which is the most interactive module type in Coassemble.

📖 Coassemble Cheat Sheet: Choosing the Best Lesson Template

How will I ensure that my learners learned?

You may want to use checkpoints, challenges, quizzes or assignments to reinforce important points, give an opportunity for your learners to practice what they’ve learned or for you to assess whether they pass the course or not.

📖 Coassemble Cheat Sheet: Choosing the Best Question Types

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