Our lesson templates are designed to be intuitive to use for both content creators & learners, but it is always good to add some directions for learners when you think your learners may not know what to do in a specific screen.

Below is an example of a learner direction for the Acronym template. We recommend separating the learner directions from the main text and/or putting is in different font style (in this case, in italic).

user experience in an online training course

⚠️ If you want your learners to click on every single element that is inside a lesson template, adding directions will help but you can go one step further and lock your courses down. Check this article to learn more about how to ensure your learners go through all your content.

Learner directions per lesson template

Below are suggestions on learner directions you can add to your courses to guide your learners. Try to customize it as much as possible to each situation and clearly state that learners are clicking on steps, benefits, values, etc... (rather than just 'items').

learning modules for an online training course
learning modules for an online training course
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