Some customers find so much value out of Coassemble, that they want more!

If you would like to split your account into separate workspaces, with each workspace having its own branding and customization - we can help. This means that each workspace can have a unique logo, domain name, and color scheme.

Additionally, additional workspaces are perfect for splitting authors into different departments or training staff from different streams in their own branded space. At the same time, users can also move easily between these spaces, jumping in and out of different workspaces to provide feedback on or author content.

Steps to upgrade plan to include an additional workspace

  1. Once you’ve decided you would like to purchase an additional workspace, contact our Customer Success team via live chat or email (

  2. They will ask you a few questions, like would you like to be billed for both accounts, on one invoice (or separately). As well as confirm your billing cycle (monthly or yearly).

  3. Once this has been discussed, the Customer Success team will set up your account.

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