The most important aspect of Incident Management for Coassemble is beginning a meaningful dialogue about a solution as soon as possible – the focus should not be on what is wrong but instead how we are going to minimize the impact of any adverse outcomes.

To implement this strategy we use the following process to ensure that incidents are dealt with professionally and productively:

  1. Acknowledge and document the incident/complaint (in writing): we will respond to any issue within 8 hours after notification of any incident. The initial response will activate a bug or issue tracker in JIRA, and our support staff will dedicate a specific team member to work on a solution immediately.

  2. Put a solution in action: The project management team will work quickly to start investigating the incident or complaint and will focus on looking for the resolution rather than the origins of the problem.

  3. Communicate the resolution to the client: Upon full clarification of the resolution by the project team, your Coassemble Account Manager will attempt to make immediate contact and start a meaningful dialogue around the solution.

  4. Follow up with the client post-resolution: After the incident/complaint resolution period, a follow up by the Account Manager ensures that similar issues are not experienced again.

  5. Document the Resolution in project evaluation: The overall feedback on the issue and the resolution will be documented for project evaluation including any outcomes or suggested improvements for similar issues.

Refer also to our help desk support hours.

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