At Coassemble, we follow PSR-2/PSR-4 inline with symfony’s coding standards for in-house application development.

We practice code reviews to ensure necessary standards and security best practices for in-house application development are followed. We review all code prior to any release using a number of tools including Bitbucket and SourceTree to review changesets, stash, and cherry-pick between branches. The ability to comment on and review code side-by-side ensures a consistent development process that follows security best practices.

To verify the integrity of our code, we use tools to check, verify and scan code. Currently we use Gulp to run various pre-commit hooks and unit tests to ensure that all development workflows are compliant. Gulp provides static code analysis, concatenation, and minification of flies. We use unified commands to ensure that everyone on the team writes code consistently with the minimum required level of quality as a standard.

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