Zapier’s eCommerce integration capabilities can be leveraged to add eCommerce functionality in Coassemble.

There is a range of actions and triggers that can be created to automate manual processes between your eCommerce platform and the Coassemble platform.

Some examples of how some of our customers commonly use the Zapier-Coassemble eCommerce integrations include:

  1. When a new course is created in Coassemble, automatically create a new product in your eCommerce platform

  2. When a eCommerce user purchases a product, automatically enroll a new learner in the corresponding Coassemble course.

What eCommerce platforms can I connect to Coassemble with via Zapier?

Zapier offers many eCommerce platforms that can integrate with Coassemble - View the full list of eCommerce platforms available for integration via Zapier.

We’ve put together how-tos for the platforms below:

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