What is Zapier?

Zapier is a tool that lets you connect and sync data between different apps to automate time-consuming tasks.

When something happens in one app, it can automatically trigger an action in another app. With over 1000 apps to connect with, you can use Coassemble and Zapier together to automatically enroll participants in courses, sign new enrollments up to a mailing list, or sign participants up to a webinar when enrolled into a new course.

Find out more about Zapier here: https://zapier.com/learn/getting-started-guide/what-is-zapier/

How does Zapier work?

Zapier combines a trigger from one product with an action in another. Triggers and actions are events that happen in the products you use.

You can use any of the following Coassemble triggers and actions to connect with other products using Zapier:


  • Course Completed - Triggers when a student completes a course

  • New Enrollment - Triggers when a new enrollment is added

  • New Group - Triggers when a new group is added

  • New Member - Triggers when a new member is added

  • New Course - Triggers when a new course is created

  • New folder - Triggers when a new folder is added


  • Create Enrollment - Enrolls a user in a group.

  • Create Group - Create a new group in a course.

  • Create Course - Creates a new course.

  • Create folder - Creates a new folder.

How can Zapier be used with Coassemble?

Let’s look at some of the ways you can use Coassemble and Zapier to take your online training to the next level:


Zapier eCommerce integrations with Coassemble streamline your learner’s experience, as a result, improving customer retention and decreasing the time spent on the manual elements of the process by automating them.

By integrating your eCommerce platform with Coassemble, each time a user makes a new purchase on your eCommerce site, they will automatically be enrolled into the associated course on Coassemble.

Learn more about how to create a Zapier eCommerce integration with Coassemble.

Automatic Enrollments

Looking for a way to enroll learners without entering the Coassemble platform?

Zapier offers integrations with several apps to enroll learners into Coassemble without entering the Coassemble platform. This will save you time by automating the enrollment process and keep your course content secure.

Learn more about how automatic enrollment integrations can be created with Zapier.

Mailing lists

Want a way to deliver custom emails with your unique branding to learners?

Zapier offers integrations with mailing list apps to send general notifications and reminders to their learners. Each time a learner is enrolled in a course, they will be added to your subscriber list in the mailing list app.

Learn more about mailing lists integrations can be created with Zapier

View all available Zapier-Coassemble integrations.

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