What Zaps can be created using Shopify?

You can integrate your online Shopify store with Coassemble using Zapier.

If you want to learn more about how Zapier and Coassemble integration works then read this article.

Create Shopify products from new Coassemble courses

Creating new products in Shopify can be time consuming. With this handy Coassemble-Shopify integration, each time a new course is created in Coassemble, a new product is automatically created in Shopify. This is a great time saver and also ensures your Shopify shop is up-to-date with all the latest courses created in Coassemble.

Enroll Shopify users with new paid orders to Coassemble courses

Your customers want to start their courses the moment they pay for them. With this handy Coassemble-Shopify integration, each time a user makes a new purchase on Shopify, they will automatically be enrolled into the associated course on Coassemble. Streamlining the user experience for your customers improves retention and saves you time by automating a process that would ordinarily require you to do it manually.

Create Coassemble courses when new Shopify products are added

It’s tiresome creating a matching course in Coassemble every time you create a new Product in your Shopify shop. This simple Shopify-Coassemble integration creates a new course in Coassemble every time you create a new product in Shopify. Automating this step saves time and ensures your courses in Coassemble match the products in your Shopify shop.

Steps to follow

If you would like a customer to purchase access to a Coassemble Course through your Shopify account, follow the steps below to connect your Shopify page to Coassemble using Zapier. Basically, we are using the enroll integration zap.

The prerequisites:

  1. Coassemble Workspace
  2. One Course with a Group enrolled
  3. Shopify account (Note: You will require a successful order to test this, find more information here)
  4. Zapier account

Step 1: New paid order in Shopify

Go to your Shopify Store and create a product. While creating go to your Coassemble Course, copy the Course ID number and paste it in the Shopify product’s 'SKU' field under the Inventory section. See below screenshots for reference.

Note: Make sure to uncheck “This is a physical product” in the Shipping section at Shopify.

We now have to connect Coassemble to your Shopify account using Zapier. To do this, follow the steps provided below.

Go here and click on Try it to proceed further. Click on ‘Sign In to Shopify’ to authorize Zapier with your Shopify store.

In the popup enter your Shopify Store URL hostname and click on the continue button.

Now in the next screen click on the install button to link Zapier with Shopify store.

After completing the above, go back to the same Zap and select the store from the dropdown and click ‘Continue’.

After that fill out the information as seen below, and click 'Continue'

After that you can test the trigger by clicking on Test Trigger only if you have any already paid order matching with course ID on Coassemble account. If not then just click on ‘Skip Test’ after clicking on ‘Test trigger’.

Step 3: Find or Create User in Coassemble

Now click on ‘Find or Create User in Coassemble’ and sign in to your Coassembe account.

You will get a popup asking to provide your Coassemble account hostname URL. Fill and click on ‘Yes, Continue’.

On the next screen click on ‘Allow’ to give permission to Zapier to complete the integration.

Go back to the Zap screen and choose the account you have just set up with Zapier and click ‘Continue’.

Now on the next screen configure the options as below in ‘Customize User’.

After selecting the required fields click ‘Continue’ and test the trigger if you have paid order at Shopify. Else skip the test for now and move to the next step.

Step 4: Create Enrollment in Coassemble

You will be seeing the below screen if you have already set up the Coassemble with Zapier. So simply click on ‘Continue’. If not then do the same steps as Step 2 until choosing the Coassemble account.

In the next step choose your account and click ‘Continue’.

In the next step test your trigger and Turn it on. You can turn it on and off on later as well.

Congratulations! You are now all set to go with automating your paid users to enroll automatically.

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