Scheduled reminders provide trainers with a method for scheduling a reminder that will be sent to a learner via email and in-app that a due date for a course or assignment is looming. Scheduled reminders do the work of chasing learners up for you, saving you time to focus on other tasks.

Using scheduled reminders

There are 3 scenarios which trainers may be faced with that scheduled reminders can help with:

  • I need a method for nudging a learner to start a course they were enrolled in but have not yet started.
  • I need a method for reminding a learner they need to complete a course they have started but have not yet completed.
  • I need a method for reminding a learner that they need to submit an assignment that they have not yet submitted that has a due date approaching.

You can add up to 5 reminders per course so that all 3 of the scenarios above and more can be applied to a group in your course.

Creating Scheduled Reminders

Step 1: From the ‘Create’ page, click the ‘Edit’ button on the course you wish to set scheduled reminders for. Then navigate to the ‘Enrollments’ tab.

If you have not enrolled a learner in this course yet, your ‘Enrollments’ tab will look different. Enroll a learner and add them into a group, then you will be ready to set your scheduled course reminders.

Step 2: Click on the group that you would like to set the course reminders to expand the menu. Navigate to the 'Scheduled reminders' tab in the settings panel and click the 'Create new reminder' button.

Reminders can only be created if you have set a course availability date or course completion timeframe. Course availability dates are the dates that learners can have access to the course. If you haven't already done this, you'll see a message like the following:

To set the course completion availability dates, simply navigate to the ‘Settings’ tab and set up a ‘Available to’ date (the ‘available from’ date is optional). The example below is configured to provide learners access to this course up until the 7/05/2020. After this date, they will be locked out of the course.

Step 3: When creating your reminder, you'll see that there are two conditions you can choose to apply to the reminder.

The most typical use case for reminders using availability dates is to send a reminder out to those learners who have commenced the course but have not yet completed it. In this case, you'd probably want to give your learners a reminder a few days before the availability date arrives.

The second scenario sends reminders to learners who haven't yet started the course. In this scenario, you might want to provide a reminder much earlier to give these learners more time to get the course completed.

Please Note: you can create multiple reminders if you want to cover both the scenarios above.

Step 4: Once you're happy with your reminder, click the ‘Create reminder’ button.

Reminders you've created for this course are listed down the page, and you create up to 5 reminders per group in order to cover all the scenarios you might have. Above each reminder, you'll notice a few controls that allow you to edit, preview, or delete each reminder.

Using scheduled reminders with course completion timeframes

Course completion time frames allow you to create dynamic course end dates based on the date the learner is enrolled in the course, or the date of the learner commences the course.

To use course completion timeframes, simply toggle the option to ON and select whether you want to determine the end date from the number of days from enrolment, or the number of days from commencement.

Choosing the days from enrolment option means that the learner must complete the course within X number of days from the day they were enrolled in the course.

Choosing the days from commencement option means that the learner must complete the course within X number of days from the date they started the course.

To create your reminder, follow the steps discussed in the previous section. The only difference will be the way the course due date is displayed — instead of a fixed date, it will display the number of days from enrolment/commencement.

Assignment due date based reminders

Use assignment based reminders to trigger a reminder for learners that a due date for an assignment is looming. As with the other reminder schedules, you can choose to send these reminders to learners who have commenced the course but have not completed the assignment, or send a reminder who has not yet commenced the course.

To use assignment based reminders, you must first ensure that your assignment has a due date. If you have multiple assignments and want to trigger reminders for each you can do that also.

Click the 'Create reminder' button to create a reminder. If you have just one assignment with a due date in your course then you'll see this option as follows:

If you have no course due date but have due dates on multiple assignments you'll be required to choose the assignment you want to trigger the reminder off from the list. The assignment due date will be displayed next to the assignment name.

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