Similar to changing your workspace colors, you are able to change the colors that are displayed in Lesson Templates to either complement your branding or to enhance the participants' learning experience within the Lesson!

Lesson Template Colors

Lesson Template Colors allow you to personalize colors within Lesson Modules. There is a range of different templates that you can customize, lets take a look at them.

Text, Video, and Image Templates

Text: The background color for Text with Image templates.

Video: The background color for the Video template as well as:

  • The button color for quizzes
  • Image headings for text pop template
  • Background color for the text on the Icon Hover template
  • ‘Date’ field on the Timeline template

Slideshow: The background color for the Slideshow template as well as:

  • Image titles on the Icon Hover template
  • The ‘category’ field on the Timeline template

Interactive / Challenge Templates

Checkpoint: The background for Checkpoint templates as well as:

  • Feedback pop-ups
  • ‘Warning’ color for warning alerts
  • Button color for all Challenge templates
  • Text background color of the Side Slide template

Challenge: The background color for all Interactive/Challenge templates as well as:

  • Success color’ used to indicate the answer is correct on quizzes

Case Study: The background color for the Case Study Template

Branching Scenario: The background color for the Branching Scenario template

Presentation Templates

Presentation: The background color for all presentation templates

Additional Colors

Overall, the additional colors in the Lesson section of Customize are used throughout the Wheel and Acronym Lesson templates.


Additional Color 2: Used as the active state for images in the Icon Hover template

Additional Color 3:

  • The buttons on the Image+ template and Side Slide template
  • Image headings in the Mini-site template
  • Drop tabs in the Drop Tab template

How do I customize these colors?

Step 1: Navigate to the ‘Settings’ menu, then click the ‘Customize’ tab.

Step 2: Once you’re in the ‘Customize’ tab, navigate to the ‘Lessons’ sub-tab.

Step 3: Find the specific template you would like to customize.

Step 4: For each color click on the hex color code and replace it with the required hex color code. If you don't already know the hex code to be added you can use an online hex color picker and copy the code into the box.

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