What are Workspace and Alert Colors?

Workspace Colors

The Workspace colors change the look of your workspace. The colors options include:

  • Primary: The main color that is used throughout the application for buttons and navigation states

  • Accent: Used sparingly throughout the application to add a little punch to the color scheme.

Alert Colors

The Alert colors will change the look of the notifications within your workspace. The color options include:

  • Info: Used on information alerts that inform you and your users about something on the platform.

  • Success: Used to indicate positive actions and course completion.

  • Warning: Used on alerts to warn you about something important.

  • Danger: Used to indicate dangerous actions such as when deleting or removing things.

How do I change these colors?

Step 1: Navigate to ‘Settings’, then click on the ‘Customize’ tab.

Online training platform settings

Step 2: Once you’re in the ‘Customize’ tab, click on the ‘Colors’ sub-tab.

Online training platform settings

Step 3: For each color click on the hex color code and replace it with the required hex color code. Alternatively, the color can be selected from the color picker if the hex code is not known.

Online training platform settings

Note: While this might seem pretty straightforward, it can end up a mess if you’re not working from a color palette you’ve put some thought into. It’s also a good idea to check the contrast of any colors used. If you’re a paying Coassemble customer, the team will happily help you out with creating a color scheme.

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