Coassemble’s customization capabilities allow you to change your workspace to look and feel just like your own business. Let’s look at the ‘Customize’ tab to learn more about what you can customize in your Coassemble workspace.

What you can customize in Coassemble

From the ‘Customize’ tab, you can customize the following components of your Coassemble Workspace:

Workspace Name and Hostname

Your workspace name is the name of the workspace that your users will log into. Generally, we recommend that you use your organization’s name as it will be displayed throughout the Coassemble system.

Your Hostname will be displayed in the URL that you log into and send to your learners to access your workspace.

Header logo and background-color

You can add your organization’s logo and background color to the header that is displayed in your workspace.

Workspace Colors

You can customize the color scheme used in your workspace. There is a default color scheme, however, you could customize your color scheme using your brand colors!

Site Title

You can customize your Coassemble site title to represent your organization and the content in your workspace.

Note: This will appear in search results

Browser Icon (Favicon)

You can customize the icon that appears as your browser icon (otherwise known as Favicon). Favicons are most commonly found in your website address bar or in your browser tab followed by your site title.

Workspace Banner

You can create a custom workspace banner that includes your organization’s logo, brand color, and mantra.

Lesson Font Size

You can customize the default font size on your lesson templates. You may want to adjust this based on your learner’s needs.

Lesson Template Colors (e.g. background colors for Lesson Templates)

You can customize the background color used for different lesson templates. You could keep the default colors, change it to your brand colors, or even all white.

Lesson Feedback Popups

Coassemble comes pre-loaded with a range of fun feedback pop-ups! We’ve designed the platform in a way that allows you to create your own custom feedback pop-ups.

You can add a custom feedback message along with an image, logo, slogan, or animated GIF of your choice for the feedback pop-up.

Add-on customization features

Custom Domain

To make your workspace more recognizable and consistent with your brand, set up a custom domain so that your users are directed to a domain you own instead of being directed to

Custom Email

To make emails to learners and trainers more recognizable and consistent with your brand, set up a custom email so that email notifications are sent from a domain you own instead of

Advanced CSS options

Custom CSS/Less can also be applied – this can be a tad tricky, so if you need a hand updating your schemes (or fonts), please contact – our team can help create a palette that compliments your organizational branding and colors.

If you’d like to give it a go yourself, find out how to use Custom Fonts in your workspace

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