What is the Noticeboard?

The noticeboard allows you to post a simple message using a basic text editor that will display to your learners as an alert on the top of their page when they are inside the course.

The noticeboard does not send email messages, so your learner will only see the notice when they are logged into Coassemble and inside the particular course you've set up the alert from.

The noticeboard can be used to:

  • Provide a welcome message to your learners, introducing them to the course

  • Display in-app reminder notices of due dates or upcoming deadlines

  • Communicate changes, alerts, or important info pertaining to a course

  • Share contact information of trainers to add a personal touch and let learners know who to contact if they have questions

Notices are not sent to learners via email and can not be sent to individual users. They are set on a group level, and only accessible when taking a course.

How to Use the Noticeboard

Online training platform settings

Step 1: Once inside your course, click on the 'Enrollments' tab from the course menu

Step 2: Select the group you are wanting to send an alert to and click to expand the group open to access its additional settings. If you do not yet have a group enrolled in the course, you'll need to add one before you can access the noticeboard.

Step 3: Click on the noticeboard tab and fill out the following information:

  • Title: The title or headline of the message you're wanting to display

  • Message: use the text editor to write out your short message

  • Notice Type: the type of message you're sending to help learners categorize information

  • Dismissible: if the checkbox is ticked, the learner will be able to close out of the message. If unticked, the learner will not be able to dismiss the message so it will always appear on the screen.

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