Setting up Single Sign-On to Streamline Learner Experience

Coassemble supports SSO implementation using both SAML and oAuth2.

Implementing SSO - SAML

Implementing SSO - OAuth2

Single Sign-On (SSO) integrates users' existing login credentials so that your learners can log in to Coassemble with the usernames and passwords that they currently use for your organization, resulting in a painless training experience for employees and administrators alike.

What Platforms Can Be Used to SSO into Coassemble?

As long as the platform supports SAML or oAuth2 it is a viable candidate to be utilized for SSO-ing into Coassemble.

SSO is commonly set up with:

  • Azure Active Directory

  • GSuite

  • OKTA

  • OneLogin

  • BambooHR

Out of the box, your learners can log into Coasssemble using their Gmail and Office365 accounts—yet this allows them to sign in using ANY GSuite or Microsoft account, not just your organization's work email. Setting up SSO with your company's identity provider will assure that they are accessing Coasssemble using your organization's credentials.

Benefits of Utilizing SSO

SSO can help to position your training as a more seamless extension of your brand when combined with Coassemble's custom domain solution but also allows for your

Coassemble customers commonly set up SSO for:

  • Internal training or onboarding: integrate with internal tools such as Azure Active Directory, OneLogin, OKTA or an HR/Onboarding platform

  • External training: integrate with your app, platform, or website to better position training inside your product

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