What are Lessons?

Cossemble’s lesson module allows you to build visually engaging and cognitively challenging presentations using our 40+ drag and drop templates. Often referred to as a “PowerPoint on steroids”, lessons are built out screen by screen and can be configured in a myriad of ways to control how your learners interact and master your content.

When to use the Lesson Module?

The Lesson Module will be your go-to tool to create or convert your presentations into Coassemble content. Whether starting from scratch, converting Powerpoints, PDFs, workbooks, webinar, or face-to-face training content, the lesson module can be used to build out training, screen-by-screen.

Lesson Templates

To build out your lesson, you will choose between a raft of customizable templates to present, display, and create activities to assist your learners in understanding and retaining key ideas and concepts. Ranging in levels of interactivity, templates are broken down into the following categories:

  • Basic: quick-start text, image, and video templates to get information-heavy content on screen.

  • Presentation: templates to spice up your e-Learning design and add an interactive element to basic text, image, and video slides. Still information-heavy but with an added level of interactivity.

  • Interactive/Challenge: require learners to put concepts and ideas into practice either through an activity or pop-quiz styled check-in.

🎨 Resources to help you make stellar lessons:

Structuring Your Lesson

Each template or screen should pertain to a specific section of your lesson. Using a Powerpoint presentation as an example, the content you’d add to one slide should correspond to the content you’d add in one Coassemble lesson template.

Consider when and how you will be assessing your learners. You can check in with them using interactive or challenge lesson templates to ‘pop-quiz’ or make sure they are paying attention and learning the required material, but if you are going to need to formally assess them and require that they receive a passing score, you’ll want to split your content up into smaller lesson chunks, with corresponding quiz modules between each lesson.

Hot Tip: Interactive/Challenge templates in the lesson module are not graded assessments so whatever you do, don't build out a 100-question quiz using these babies!

Configuring Your Lessons

You can control the way that your learner interacts with your content to require them to view and engage with all elements on the screen before they can advance using a variety of settings in Coassemble.

Using primarily video content? While we can't force learners to watch a video, we've got some tips and video best practices that will create a far superior experience for your users.

What is the Learner Experience?

Learners will click through individual screens of your presentation to master your training content. Rather than drowning in a sea of text or zoning out during yet another Powerpoint, learners will engage and interact with fun and colorful elements on the page. In order to complete a lesson, they will need to have viewed each screen of your lesson.

🔑Key takeaway: Lessons are the heart and soul of Coassemble. The primary building blocks to your courses, you have loads of flexibility in the types of content you can bring in and the way you can display it. Best of all - you don't need to be a designer to create something beautiful and engaging!

Lesson Templates

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