Trainers can be given different roles and permissions depending on the level of access you want them to have and what you want them to be able to do. To make sure you are selecting the correct role and permission, check out this article first.

How to add a Trainer

Step 1: Click the 'Users' section in the side navigation bar

Step 2: Click the 'Trainers' tab

Step 3: Click "Create Trainer"

Step 4: Enter the email address of the user you would like to add as a trainer and then hit enter on your keyboard

Step 5: Click Next

Step 6: Select the appropriate role for the trainer

Step 7: Click "Create Trainer"

An invite email will be sent to the trainers straight away so they can sign in and start training straight away.

How to add a trainer to a specific group

You may want to add the trainers to a specific group with the ability to grade content or add new learners to the group. To add multiple trainers to the group:

Step 1: Go to the Groups tab in the Users section

Step 2: Click the 'Add trainer to group' button for that group within the table

Step 3: Within the trainer picker dropdown, select the trainer(s) you'd like to add to the group and click the 'Next' button.

Step 4: Now chose the permission you'd like to assign to the trainer for the group. There are two options:

  • Teach allows a trainer to view and grade results for learners within the group
  • Teach + Enroll allows a trainer to view and grade results for learners within the group, plus add new learners and trainers to the group.

Step 5: After you've made your selection, click the 'Confirm' button to finish adding a trainer to your new group.

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