What's new in Coassemble?

💥 Improved modules tab

We've made some major improvements to the modules tab inside courses to make it easier than ever for you to create courses using the modules that best suit the information you're sharing with learners.

This update also includes better visibility of lessons and quizzes allowing you to see every screen in a lesson or question in a quiz, and navigate directly to the screen you want to edit.

🎉 New animated Lesson feedback pop-ups

We've updated all of the default feedback pop-up images in Coassemble with shiny new animated emojis!!

To check out the update, navigate to Customize > Lesson Feedback

🔗 Launch SCORM in a new window option

For those of you using SCORM objects, you can now configure your SCORM files to launch in a new window.

🗓 See the last updated date on course cards

We've appended the last updated date to the course avatar tooltip so that you can now see when the last update to your course was made.

🚀 Performance improvements

We released a major performance update this month meaning your workspace will be running at least 2x the speed it was in July. We know we have a lot more to do in this space, and we're working hard at it. Look forward to more improvements coming in September!

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