This is a paid feature available to all plans on a Coassemble subscription.

To make your workspace more recognizable and consistent with your brand, set up a custom domain so that your users are directed to a domain you own instead of being directed to

Note: you must have purchased a domain name from a third-party in order to use this feature.

Setting up a custom domain name

To start sending your users to a your custom domain, you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Add your custom domain name
  2. Confirm domain name ownership
  3. Create a DNS record to start sending your users to your new domain

Step 1: Add your custom domain

To get started, simply add a subdomain of your choice, and your domain name address in the fields provided.

As many of the most popular domain host providers don’t provide support for APEX/ROOT domains, you will need to include a subdomain as part of your domain name. In the example below we've chosen 'learn' as our subdomain, but you can choose anything you like. You just have to ensure the custom domain field is identical to the domain you own.

Once you're happy you've added your domain correctly, click the 'Request' button. A request to create a verification record will be sent to our servers where they will be created and returned back to you and displayed in step 2.

Step 2: Confirm domain ownership

To verify that you are the owner of the domain, you will need to use the verification records provided by Coassemble to create a new DNS record in your domain host management console.

Note: you must create these records within 72 hours as they will expire.

The procedure for adding DNS records to your domain’s DNS server depends on who provides your DNS service.

Below are instructions for a number of popular providers:

Note: If you're using Cloudflare, ensure your proxy status is set to DNS only.

The verification records you receive from Coassemble for creating a DNS record in your domain manager will look something like the following:

If your domain manager is GoDaddy you'll apply the above records as follows:

If your domain manager is AWS you'll apply the records as follows.

Once you've added and saved the record to your domain manager, you may have to wait up to 72 hours before clicking the 'Check records' button in Coassemble. If the records have propagated then domain ownership is verified and you can continue to the next step.

⚠️ If you receive an error instead of a success message after clicking the 'Check records' button then you may have one of two issues:

  1. The DNS records have not yet propagated, in which case you should come back and try again later.
  2. The DNS records you added were added incorrectly. Check that they have been added accurately and update accordingly. If they did require an update, you will need to wait another up to another 72 hours for the records to propagate before checking the records again.

Step 3: Create a DNS record to start sending your users to your new domain

Now that we've verified domain ownership, you can set up another DNS record that tells your domain manager to send the traffic arriving at your custom domain to your Coassemble workspace.

The records you receive from Coassemble to create the final DNS record in your domain manager will look something like the following.

Refer to the step 2 examples for details on how to add these records to your domain manager.

Unlike the previous step you should only have to wait up to an hour for your new DNS records to propagate.

If the records have propagated then your custom domain address is all set up and your workspace will now automatically redirect to your new domain.

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